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Our Diamond Closure Ring features 0.03 carats of white diamond set in 14k solid yellow gold.

A captive bead ring, ball closure ring, captive hoop, or captive ball ring is a common example of body piercing jewelry. The captive bead or ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring.

Sold as a single stud earring.

Thickness- 1.2mm, Inner Diameter- 6.0mm

In stock. Ships out in 48 hours.


Material type

14k solid gold


100% natural Diamond

Stone Size

1.75 mm


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Customer Reviews

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Colleen A Dancik
Captive Bead

When I purchased this diamond hoop I thought that you simply twist the hoop and insert twist back to close, based on Letrem's directions attached to this single earring, before purchasing it. NOT true!. This is a CAPTIVE DIAMOND BEAD and comes off the minute you handle it. I lost the tiny diamond bead upon attempting to twist the hoop as per Letrem's instructions! For me this is way to tiny to be able to insert such a tiny bead once inserted into my ear. I now have an earring I cannot wear. I cannot imagine anyone else being able to. I still gave Letrem 5 stars because once again the quality is there. Price wise this is an excellent price as everyone else is charging way more for a captive bead earring and especially if it is a diamond.