Did you know the French word “Le treaimé” (pronounced: le-trem) means “the beloved”?

When Rebecca and Tomer Haviv launched their jewelry brand Letrém they had one vasion in mind - to create beautiful, delicate, and stylish jewelry pieces that will be your favorite. That item you always want to wear, that always reminds you,  Whether you bought it for yourself or you got it as a gift ... You are beloved  

Rebecca born in Los Angeles and love for jewelry was more than just love...it was genetice
She is a 4th generation of jewelers. So when the time came , It was only natural to go study jewelry design

She decided to go to Shenkar College of Engineering and Design The highest Academy for jewelry design and goldsmithing in Israel .

Tomer born in Israel is a 3th generation of goldsmiths never thought he would continue this path but the gold in his blood was too heavy to ignore and he found himself in the same College as Rebecca. They fell in love got married and after earning their bachelor's degrees  they move together to Los Angeles, California, where they design and create each piece of Letreaimé jewelry, a labor of love, down to each careful detail. 

Letrém is made with high-quality materials and 100% natural, ethically-sourced diamonds. Tomer and Rebecca take great pride in ensuring that each piece meets their high standards and delivering a product their customers will adore and cherish for many years to come. The designs are inspired by minimalist movements in art and design, Tomer and Rebecca continue to work on new designs, and collections are released every couple of months.

Letrém concept is to create high quality pieces and an affordable prices, So every women can feel comfortable treating themselves to fine jewelry. Letrém customers build collections for stacking and layering as they please, since the jewelry is meant to be combined in a variety of ways. Versatile and classic, each piece of Letrém is designed to be warne every day, no matter what a woman’s style.

 Allow yourself to play, Allow yourself to enjoy, Allow yourself to be beloved!