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The Tusk Ring - LETRÉM

The Tusk Ring

Diamond Snake Ring - LETRÉM

Diamond Snake Ring

The Diamond Gradual Ring - LETRÉM

The Diamond Gradual Ring

The Pear Shaped Diamond Ring - LETRÉM

The Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Diamond Bezel Baguette Ring - LETRÉM

Diamond Bezel Baguette Ring

The Diamond Beaded Ring - LETRÉM

The Diamond Beaded Ring

The Burnish Set Diamond Ring - LETRÉM

The Burnish Set Diamond Ring

The Petite Eternity Ring (S) - LETRÉM

The Petite Eternity Ring

Diamond Prong Cuff Ring - LETRÉM

Diamond Prong Cuff Ring

Diamond Pavé Signet Ring - LETRÉM

Diamond Pavé Signet Ring

Diamond Bezel Cuff Ring - LETRÉM

Diamond Bezel Cuff Ring

Diamond Baguette Band - LETRÉM

Diamond Baguette Band

The Floating Diamond Ring - LETRÉM

The Floating Diamond Ring

Round Diamond Cuff Ring - LETRÉM

Round Diamond Cuff Ring

Round Diamond Bezel Ring - LETRÉM

Round Diamond Bezel Ring