Caring For Yellow Gold Jewelry

Caring For Yellow Gold Jewelry - LETRÉM


Historically, it is obvious why gold has stood the test of time and has remained current: it is timeless, clean, and trendy. We wish we had Midas' touch for life would be so much more beautiful if everything turned to gold! However beautiful your pieces may be, they need some upkeep and we are here to help.


Gold had been used through many generations of our ancestors and is still in use by the people living in the world today. As a staple in your wardrobe, the gold pieces you own can be worn down. Make sure to take off your jewelry whenever you are doing chores around the house, especially when washing the dishes or washing your face. Although it won't impact the actual metal, it will reduce the shine. 

We recommend putting your gold jewelry on last as different beauty products can compromise the integrity of the gold. So once you are done you are done your morning routine, you are ready to dress yourself up! In the rare case you accidentally sleep in your gold jewelry, getting ready once or twice in it won't ruin the gold, but over time a film will definitely be noticeable on the surface.

To clean your gold, you can start off by soaking it! Soak it from 1-3 hours and you are ready to scrub it. You can either scrub it gently with a soap, rubbing alcohol, or with a simple brush. To get a glossy finish, finish it off with a polishing cloth. Make sure to not over clean your pieces as they only need to be cleaned if they get dirty.

The best place to store your gold pieces is either in a soft individual bags or a jewelry case that will keep all of the jewelry separated. If you store them individually, this will help reduce the amount of scratches that the jewelry endures over the years. Not only will storing them properly increase their longevity, you will also find them easily every morning!


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